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Ownership, reimagined.

Enjoy a truly different jet ownership experience. Our local-national model allows you to fly on your own jet and can save you 50%. Fly 20 days per year, per share. You decide when, where, and who you fly with.

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Your own jet

Ownership is divided into 16 shares per jet.


Days-based program

Our co-owners can fly 20 days per year, per share.


Exceptional value

Lowest hourly costs and  fees in the industry.


New jet aircraft

We fly one of private aviation's newest fleets. 

What sets Jet OUT apart
from the rest of the industry?


"Working with Jet OUT provides a whole series of efficiencies for us. It allows us the flexibility to conduct our business when we need to, and how we need to. Having these aircraft at our disposal makes it easier to maximize what a day looks like. We are going to continue relying on Jet OUT for our expansion."

David M.


"There is unlimited flexibility in scheduling with Jet OUT. It is just so easy and much more personal than other providers. Because Jet OUT is a local company, there is a family-friendly feeling each time I fly with them."


Trish S.


Flying with Jet OUT FAQs

We've gathered a list of the most frequently asked questions about Jet OUT private jet co-ownership.

I am thinking about joining Jet OUT's co-ownership
program. Can you tell me about the program?

Jet OUT’s unique co-ownership program opens up private aviation in a unique way.  Fixed costs are shared across multiple owners, and the revolutionary aircraft co-ownership model provides the tax depreciation benefits that come with whole aircraft ownership while also achieving massive operational cost savings for our owners. 

In the Jet OUT co-ownership program, you co-own part of a specific serial-numbered aircraft. It is true direct asset ownership and entitles co-owners to benefit from a number of robust tax benefits potentially.  

At the same time, by sharing the asset with other owners, utilization rate efficiencies are achieved under the co-owner program that are unmatched in the private aviation sector. 

Jet OUT is able to offer massive savings to our co-owners by taking a capital asset and dividing up the purchase price up amongst many different users. Then, with Jet OUT operating the aircraft with a few different co-owners, we get the aggregate utilization rate of that aircraft to a level in which it is very efficient to operate. 

Jet OUT offers aircraft co-owners the best of both worlds. They can realize the tax depreciation benefits that come with whole aircraft ownership and they also get to achieve the operational cost savings that come with owning an aircraft with other parties. 



What is the length of Jet OUT's co-ownership term?

Jet OUT’s co-ownership terms continue for five years. After that timeframe, Jet OUT will market the aircraft for resale as your broker. The aircraft will be sold to a third party in an arms-length transaction. The net sales proceeds will be distributed to you at closing, and the co-ownership term will then end automatically.

What happens at the end of my co-ownership term?

Jet OUT’s co-ownership program is turnkey, and we believe that the end of the term should be as automatic and seamless as using the aircraft. Accordingly, Jet OUT carries out an end-of-term procedure that ensures that the resale value of your aircraft is maximized without requiring any investment of time and effort on your part.

At Jet OUT’s expense — Jet OUT carries out a refurbishment of your aircraft with the intention of maximizing the resale value of your aircraft. Jet OUT then obtains an appraisal of your aircraft from a third party and shares it with you and the other co-owners. If you or other co-owners object to the appraisal, the co-ownership agreements provide for a resolution process that allows you or other co-owners to submit your own third-party appraisal. Jet OUT then markets your aircraft for resale as your broker in an arms’ arms-length transaction and administers the sale and closing of your aircraft. Jet OUT will find a buyer who agrees to pay a purchase price that is no less than 3% less than the appraised fair market value. At closing, the net sales proceeds are distributed to the co-owners in proportion to their ownership fraction.

Can I claim tax depreciation on my purchase of a co-ownership interest?

Your Jet OUT co-ownership share is true ownership of a hard asset. If your co-ownership interest will be used for qualified business purposes, then you may be able to claim 100% bonus depreciation on the purchase price. We recommend you consult with a tax professional who specializes in aircraft to obtain advice with respect to your particular circumstances. Your Jet OUT sales representative can provide you with a referral to a qualified tax professional. 

What happens if fuel prices increase?

In the Jet OUT co-ownership program, fuel is a direct pass-through. You pay the actual cost of the jet fuel consumed for your flights with no additional markup. An original copy of each fuel receipt is attached to your monthly billing statements.

You benefit directly from any volume fuel discounts that Jet OUT receives from FBOs and airports. Our Concierge team is always happy to work with you to reduce your fuel costs by suggesting lower-cost airports or FBOs.

Because fuel represents approximately 25% of the total cost of ownership of the aircraft we operate, a 20% increase in fuel costs translates to only an approximately 5% increase in your cost of ownership.

Our current regions are the Upper Midwest & South Florida


Where should we land next?

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We're continually evaluating new locations for future Jet OUT bases. Let us know where we should land next.