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2,000 nm


451 KTS




6,950 LBS


3,410 FT

Redefine travel
from the inside

If you’re ready for your next achievement, meet our next-generation jet. Expertly designed, exquisitely crafted, the reimagined CESSNA CITATION CJ4 Gen2 jet elevates your travel experience from the moment you step on board. The amenities you’ll discover range from eye-catching to productivity-enhancing with COOLVIEW skylights, upgraded seating and a wireless cabin management system giving you instant control of lighting, window shades and cabin temperature. The CJ4 Gen2 jet also delivers the proven performance of its predecessor. The COLLINS AEROSPACE PRO LINE 21 avionics suite allows one pilot to effectively operate the aircraft. Features such as single point refueling, an externally serviceable lavatory and excellent range deliver what crew and cabin passengers have come to expect from a Citation jet.




ergonomic enhancements and
extreme user friendliness.


Smart design
means a better ride


In flight wifi is available, allowing you to be more productive when you travel.

2023 CJ4Program Pricing

Initial Investment




1/16 Ownership of 2022 TBM


18 days/36 half-days of travel per year

Access to Jet OUT TBM Fleet

Indirect Service Fees


per 4-week billing period - Estimated


Pilot salaries


Aircraft insurance

Hanger Rent

Hangar rent

Direct Cost








Airport and FBO Fees

Lavatory w/ Sink
Passenger Seating Area

Questions? Explore our FAQs

What is the length of the co-ownership term?


The term of your co-ownership in the CJ4 will continue for 5 years at which point Jet OUT will refurbish your aircraft and market it for resale as your broker. The aircraft will be sold to a third party in an arms length transaction, the net sales proceeds will be distributed to you at closing and the co-ownership term will then end automatically.

You will also have two options for selling your co-ownership interest back to Jet OUT early, at the 3rd and 4th anniversary of the purchase of your co-ownership interest.

Your co-ownership interest is an asset that you own and we believe that you should be able to resell it at your pleasure. You are able to transfer your co-ownership interest to a third party at any time with Jet OUT’s consent, which will not be unreasonably withheld.

What happens at the end of my co-ownership term?


Our co-ownership program is turnkey and we believe that end of term should be as automatic and seamless as using the aircraft. Accordingly, Jet OUT carries out an end of term procedure that ensures that the resale value of your aircraft is maximized without requiring any investment of time and effort on your part.

At Jet OUT’s expense — Jet OUT carries out a refurbishment of your aircraft with the intention of maximizing the resale value of your aircraft. Jet OUT then obtains an appraisal of your aircraft from a third party and shares it with you and the other co-owners. If you or other co-owners object to the appraisal, the co-ownership agreements provide for a resolution process which allows you or other co-owners to submit your own third party appraisal. Jet OUT then markets your aircraft for resale as your broker in an arms’ length transaction and administers the sale and closing of your aircraft. Jet OUT will find a buyer who agrees to pay a purchase price which is no less than 3% less than the appraised fair market value. At closing the net sales proceeds are distributed to the co-owners in proportion to their ownership fraction.

Do I have to live or work near the base airport of the aircraft I co-own?


Jet OUT’s unique program achieves operational efficiencies which deliver substantial cost savings. In order to fully benefit from these efficiencies, we recommend that you live or work within 75 miles of the base airport of the airplane you co-own. Outside of this primary service area your ability to make use of half-day trips may be limited.

Will Jet OUT always provide two pilots for my flights?


Yes, Jet OUT will provide two qualified pilots for all of your flights. We believe that the highest levels of aviation safety can only be achieved when two well trained pilots work together as a team. Rest assured that your two pilots are there for much more than mere redundancy. Jet OUT trains its pilots to use industry best practice Crew Resource Management (CRM) techniques, which ensure that your pilots are constantly monitoring each other, double and triple checking safety critical tasks and sharing the workload of flight. CRM techniques are an essential part of how the major airlines and FAA air carriers like Jet OUT achieve high levels of safety and consistency.

Are there any limits on the baggage I can bring aboard?


The only limits on baggage are practical — i.e. your bags must fit in the baggage compartments of the aircraft and Jet OUT must observe certain Federal hazardous materials rules and ensure that your airplane remains within its weight & balance limitations. There are no additional fees for baggage.

The CJ4 has two baggage compartments, one with a capacity of 600 lbs. and 56 cubic feet, and one with a capacity of 400 lbs. and 15 cubic feet. It is possible to accommodate large items like golf clubs and skis.

Your Jet OUT sales representative can help answer any specific questions you may have about baggage limitations.

Can I finance my purchase of a co-ownership interest?


Jet OUT can offer attractive financing directly to well qualified co-owners. Please contact your Jet OUT sales representative for details.

How many passenger seats does the airplane have?


The main cabin area of the CJ4 includes six passenger seats. Additional divan seating located across from the entry door can be used for two additional passengers or as a convenent storage location for bags and other items. The lavatory is belted and can be used as a ninth passenger seat in a pinch.

Can I claim tax depreciation on my purchase a co-ownership interest?


Your Jet OUT co-ownership share is true ownership of a hard asset. If your co-ownership interest will be used for qualified business purposes then you may be able to claim 100% bonus depreciation on the purchase price. We recommend that you consult with an tax professional that specializes in aircraft to obtain advice with respect to your particular circumstances. Your Jet OUT sales representative can provide you with a referral to qualified tax professional.

What happens if fuel prices increase?


In the Jet OUT co-ownership program, fuel is a direct pass through. You pay the actual cost of the jet fuel consumed for your flights with no additional mark up. An original copy of each fuel receipt is attached to your monthly billing statements.

You benefit directly from any volume fuel discounts that Jet OUT receives from FBOs and airports. Our Concierge team is always happy to work with you to reduce your fuel costs by suggesting lower cost airports or FBOs.

Because fuel represents approximately 30% of the total cost of ownership of the CJ4, a 20% increase in fuel costs translates to only an approximately 6% increase in your cost of ownership.

What if my airplane is unavailable for maintenance or in use by another co-owner at a time that I need it?


Our goal is for you to fly on the airplane you own, but if your airplane is unavailable for your trip, we will operate your flight on a similar aircraft from our co-ownership fleet.

Jet OUT does not assess any additional charge for flying on an aircraft in the co-ownership fleet that you do not own, but we are required to collect and remit Federal Excise Tax for the amounts that we do charge for flights on non-owned aircraft.

What is the priority order for reservations?


Reservations are strictly taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. The innovative Jet OUT co-ownership program has been carefully designed to minimize scheduling conflicts. We have found that a given day of travel typically will not become fully booked (i.e. all airplanes are unavailable) until approximately three days prior to the day of travel. Many days are never fully booked.

Can I make a last minute reservation?


Yes! Reservations are accepted normally so long as Jet OUT is in receipt of all trip details by 5 PM on the day prior to your first travel day. This permits us sufficient time to plan your flights, reserve any required ground services and assign your pilots before 6 PM (at which time our pilots are automatically released from duty for the following day).

We may be able to accommodate same-day travel, subject to availability. We add an automatic gratuity for your pilots on same-day trips as a financial incentive to help ensure pilot availability.

Please note that reservations are always accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Example: You want to depart from Milwaukee at 7 AM to fly to Boston on Tuesday. We must receive your complete reservation details by 5 PM on Monday in order to process your reservation normally.

Example: An emergency travel need arises and you request a 1 PM departure at 10 AM (three hours prior to departure). An airplane is available. If we are are able to secure two pilots are able to arrive at the airport by 12 PM, we can process your request as a same-day reservation. A pilot gratuity will be added to your next billing statement automatically.

Are single-engine turboprops safe?



Can I let others use days on my aircraft?


Yes! It is up to your discretion who you invite on your aircraft. You are not required to be present.

Cut Your Travel IN HALF

At JetOUT, we offer direct-to-destination corporate travel. That means you pull your car right up to the plane, hop on, and takeoff. And with access to over 5,000 regional airports, we’ll drop you off precisely where you need to be, dramatically reducing your travel time. Week-long trips can now be accomplished in a day.

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