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Jet OUT Charter Pool and Interchange Program

As a Jet OUT co-owner, you can also offset your investment by chartering, or renting your entire aircraft, on the open market.

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Jet OUT owners can all individually put up to 6 travel days from their co-ownership interest directly into the Jet OUT Charter Pool. Jet OUT will then sell these days on the open charter market. With our stellar marketplace connections and reputation, we are able to secure top market rates. 

The profit on these charter days sales is then returned to the aircraft owners. A unique feature of this program is that Jet OUT will not pocket any revenue until it sells 50% of the days you’ve placed back into the charter pool. 

The Jet OUT Charter Pool Program allows our owners to receive all the revenue on up to three days of charter sales and, in turn, can significantly reduce the yearly operational costs for our owners.

Jet OUT only charters out its aircraft based on the number of hours our owners provided. This means we possess more control and higher standards for all our aircraft compared to your average Part 135 charter operation. Because we are selective, and our aircraft are brand new, charter brokers like purchasing hours on our aircraft. 

Co-owners also can take advantage of the Jet OUT Interchange Program which allows co-owners to swap travel days between aircraft. 

For example, what if you own a share in a Citation CJ4 but your travel needs call for a trip only a state away?

With Jet OUT’s interchange program, our owners can trade one CJ4 travel day for 2 TBM days, or vice versa.  And once you trade the day, Jet OUT still allows even greater flexibility to split that day into half days.

With Jet OUT, we continuously invest in driving efficiency to our customers.

Our investments in programs that pass along economic savings and operational efficiency to our co-owners are further evidence of this. 

Non-stop efficiency. That is our mission at Jet OUT.