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Jet OUT Employee Spotlight - Gary Bavuso

Our latest installment of the Jet OUT Employee Spotlight features Gary Bavuso, our Director of Maintenance who ensures your aircraft is ready to go when you are. 




While Gary has been with Jet OUT for nearly three years, he has more than 25 years of experience in the aircraft maintenance business.

Working his way up to Director of Shop Maintenance with a full-service aviation company just outside Milwaukee, Gary managed charter and flight school aircraft maintenance, subcontracted for planes involved in aerial photography, and led his team to complete 270 annual aircraft inspections. To put that level of work in perspective, an annual inspection in Gary’s shop takes an entire week, meaning the staff under his leadership were able to perform 5 or more nose-to-tail inspections per week! 

While the responsibilities of being Jet OUT’s Director of Maintenance means Gary spends less time getting dirty with the aircraft and more time behind his desk, his favorite part of the job is still working on the Jet OUT fleet. 

He recently had a stretch where several of his staff were out on some well-earned PTO and he was fortunate enough to get his hands dirty on phased aircraft inspections for the Daher TBM aircraft.

It’s safe to say that Gary’s happy place is in the maintenance hangar, keeping Jet OUT aircraft fit for daily flights. 

Outside of work, Gary’s hobbies include working on motorcycles in his home shop, building custom bikes every so often, and refurbishing older motorcycles. His daily rider is a Harley now, but he has a 1979 Sportster that got a lot of use in Gary’s younger days.

He’s had a lot of experience as a little league and soccer coach for his kids (who are both now grown and at university), and if he could use a Jet OUT aircraft to fly himself anywhere in the United States, he’d use his ticket to go see his daughter at Tulane then hop over to the University of Miami to see his son. 

Jet OUT is a high-utilization operator with phased maintenance schedules on TBM aircraft and a 600-hour maintenance interval on the Cessna Citation CJ4 Gen2. Gary’s wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion contributes at a high level to the efficiency of Jet OUT’s flight operations.

The dedication of our maintenance team keeps your aircraft safe and reliable; let us exceed your business and personal travel expectations and check out jetout.com/experience to learn more. Nonstop Efficiency is possible with Jet OUT.