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Jet OUT Employee Spotlight: Catlin Owens

It’s time for another employee spotlight!

Meet Caitlin Owens, Jet OUT's Concierge and Office Manager. Caitlin has worked in customer service for more than 15 years and joined Jet OUT in 2020.



Her focus on managing pre-flight communications between pilots and passengers means seamless data and detail transfer, ensuring every customer's travel experience exceeds expectations.

Caitlin and the rest of her concierge team handles flight scheduling, fuel stops, travel from airfields with rental vehicles, catering/lodging needs, and fulfilling any special requests that you need on your trip.

Caitlin sees her coworkers as family and feels supported and empowered in her position at Jet OUT. She enjoys speaking with Jet OUT clients, hearing about their travel plans and the places they get to see. In her free time, Caitlin is an avid reader (she majored in English at University of WI) and dancer.

If Caitlin could hop a flight with Jet OUT for any reason, right this second, she’d fly down to Galveston, TX to see her father, go camping in his RV, and enjoy a glass of whiskey by the fire. If you could hop a flight on a Jet OUT aircraft, where would you go today? Thanks to Caitlin and the concierge team, the details are covered.

Jet OUT gets you in, out, and back to business.