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Jet OUT Employee Profile: Ryan Keehan

This Jet OUT Employee Spotlight edition lands on Ryan Keenan, our Assistant Director of Operations.

A pilot at heart, Ryan assumed the Assistant Director of Ops role to help manage flight schedules and coordinate pilots and passengers on their flights.

Ryan Keehan Cockpit

Ryan attended flight school at Fox Valley Tech in Oshkosh, WI, and became a flight instructor afterward.

He joined Jet OUT in 2017 as a Commercial Pilot and flew corporate employees for a few years before settling into a scheduling role. Ryan has a degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, but it has nothing to do with aviation; he completed a bachelor’s in biology before becoming a full-time pilot!

While flight scheduling constitutes the bulk of Ryan's work at Jet OUT,  he occasionally gets to fly charters or co-owners when they need a hand in reaching their business or personal travel goals.

Some of Ryan's favorite things about his job are hearing about his passengers' travel plans and discovering their reasons for picking Jet OUT. Flying with the pilots he schedules is also a plus, as he gets to spend time with his co-workers.

Ryan enjoys staying active, running or cycling with his father (who is big into endurance sports); you might catch him registered for a race somewhere in the Milwaukee area. He also enjoys spending time with his two-year-old nephew when the opportunity arises. Ryan is also a big fan of visiting national parks, having recently spent time in Joshua Tree and Death Valley, CA. If he could book a flight with Jet OUT anywhere, hed pick a national park hes yet to visit!

Ryan Keehan Mountain


Which national park would YOU want to see if you could fly with Jet OUT?

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