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Cessna Citation CJ4: The Safest and Most Reliable Light Jet

The Cessna Citation CJ4 Gen2 is Jet OUT’s model for Nonstop Efficiency.



With a range of 2,000 nautical miles and cruising speeds of more than 500 mph, the Cessna Citation CJ4 is the safest and most reliable light jet on the market.  

The Cessna Citation family of aircraft first entered service in the 1970 and comprises the largest business jet fleet in the private aviation industry. More than 8,000 Citation aircraft have been delivered and those aircraft have logged more than 41 million flight hours!

From day one, the Citation series of aircraft have proven to be a safe, reliable form of transportation with substantially lower accident rates than the overall general aviation population. The strong safety performance is driven by a combination of design, maintenance, and operational elements.

Beyond the speed and range of the aircraft, however, are a multitude of safety features that put Jet OUT’s commitment to safe flying front & center. 

A Collins Aerospace MULTISCAN Weather Radar system displays an optimized weather picture for our pilots at any altitude or range. Emergency Descent Mode activates in the event a sudden loss of cabin pressure is experienced above 30,000 feet, bringing the aircraft down to 15,000 feet automatically. CJ4 Gen2 jets come equipped with the Mark VIII Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System, built to assist Jet OUT pilots in the prevention of controlled flight into terrain.

But the safest part of our fleet of Citation CJ4 Gen2 jets, however, is our talented, dedicated and passionate crew of pilots. Jet OUT pilots are captain-caliber, their training and testing is rigorous, and their commitment to delivering the safest flying experience possible is unwavering. The pilots train with FlightSafety International, a highly-respected facility with the only CJ4 Level D full motion simulator available.

The depth of training Jet OUT pilots receive, in addition to the safety features built into each CJ4 Gen2 mean peace of mind for each & every passenger on board. The safest part of an aircraft is, after all, a well trained crew. Yet another reason to conduct your business or personal travel with Jet OUT.

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