How Jet OUT Works

A Private Aviation Program With a Difference


Jet OUT’s co-ownership program delivers all benefits of whole aircraft ownership without any of the hassles. Our co-owners own a one-sixteenth share in their jet and can use it, or another similar airplane in the fleet, on 20 travel days a year. We handle everything, so all you do is show up and go. No security. No lines. No waiting. It’s the easiest, most cost-effective way to get right to where you are going in your own private jet

Want Exceptional Value?

Jet OUT costs up to 50% less than other private aviation companies. Our simple, fixed service fees cover everything but fuel — pilot salaries, insurance, maintenance, hangar rent and more. Fuel is a direct passthrough to you, which reduces your variable cost. Jet OUT has the lowest hourly direct costs and monthly fees in the industry.

Want Exceptional Value

Want ultimate flexibility?

We sell aircraft shares to customers who live in the regions we operate from. With this model, your aircraft is always available! Last minute travel, no problem! It is your jet. Standing by to maximize your time and dramatically reduce your travel time.

Want a new aircraft?

Jet OUT takes pride in owning and operating one of private aviation’s newest fleets. All Jet OUT aircraft are less than five years old, adhere to strict training and maintenance requirements, and are always flown by two experienced pilots.

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Want white-glove, VIP service?

As a Jet OUT customer, our VIP concierge team is always available! Whatever you desire, our locally based, family-oriented team will handle all the in’s and outs of planning the most efficient trip possible. This white-glove service handles ALL your travel needs: flights, car rentals, hotels, catering, and much more!

Jet OUT Sales
Jet OUT Sales


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