Submitting an SMS Report

To submit an SMS report, begin by clicking the “Submit an SMS Report” button below to open the form in a new window:

Please fill out the report as follows:

  • Subject: Concise title/description of the issue, for example “Blinker fluid in muffler bearings”
  • Description: Detailed description. For example: “Upon preflighting the SuperSpeed Bugsmasher, it looked like we needed more blinker fluid. I located the blinker fluid in the hangar, but I almost poured it into the reservoir for the propwash that goes in the muffler bearings because the filler cap labels are unreadable.”
  • Suggestions: Any ideas you have for how to mitigate the issue. For example: “Replace filler cap labels, and store blinker fluid and propwash separately.”
  • Files: Attach any relevant pictures or other files relating to your observation.
  • Reported By Relationship: Choose your relationship to Jet Out. If multiple choices apply, choose the one most relevant to the situation. For example, if you are a Check Airman and a Management team member but also work as a line pilot, an incident on a normal flight should be reported as “Employee” but an observation of weaknesses on checkrides would be reported as “Check Airman”.
  • Contact: If you feel that you need to remain anonymous, do not fill this out. Otherwise, add your email here so that we can follow up with you if necessary and you can be entered to win gift cards.
  • Request Follow-up Contact: If you would like the Director of Safety to contact you when actions are taken regarding this report, check this box. Otherwise, you may monitor its status by viewing the SMS as shown elsewhere on this page.
Viewing the Safety Management System

The Safety Management System is accessible to all Jet Out employees so you can monitor the status of reports and see what actions are taken in response to them. However, please do not hesitate to submit a new report on an issue that already exists, as the number of times the same issue is reported is an important indication as to the frequency of the issue.

To view the SMS, simply click the button below and log in with your company Google Workspace credentials (the same ones you use for your email):