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Jet OUT’s co-ownership program is unique and gives you lower-cost access to private corporate travel. No other national private aviation company operates in a similar manner.

Our customers own a one-sixteenth share in their jet and receive 20 travel days a year. This investment covers every expense — fuel, pilot salaries, insurance, maintenance, hangar rent and takes care of everything needed to fly from point A to point B.

But the similarities end there.

What sets Jet OUT apart?

Unique Operating Model

Jet OUT pioneered the local-national fleet, which is a national network of airplanes that are locally based right in your backyard. Jet OUT’s fleet accumulates less wear and tear and our local pilots and mechanics, who live in your region, support the fleet more effectively. Each Jet OUT aircraft has a local base and returns there almost every night, is stored inside a hangar, and is detailed regularly. Our national competitors rely on floating fleets, which live on the road, rarely see the inside of a hangar, and are maintained by contractors.

Unique Operating Model

A Responsible Partner

We pride ourselves on our disciplined approach to aviation program management. We do not offer unsustainable programs such as guaranteed or unlimited access or pay-as-you-go pricing. Our flight schedule is administered on a “first come, first serve” basis, but our program incorporates financial incentives for co-owner co-operation, making scheduling conflicts a rare event. Our pricing is simple and is designed to align our actual costs with our service fees. All of this means that our clients can count on us to be there for them in the future as their steadfast and responsible aviation partner.

Investment In Advanced Technology

Jet OUT is the first company to put money directly back into our owners’ pockets with an empty leg buyback program. At the time of the reservation, you can optionally instruct Jet OUT to resell a charter along the route of any empty leg required for your one-way flights. Using our proprietary machine learning technology, we will offer you cost savings of up to 80%, representing the value of the empty leg on the charter market and its probability of resale. When you finalize your reservation, your cost savings are fixed up front regardless of whether or not we are able to sell your empty leg.

Investment In Advanced Technology
Superior Customer Experience

Superior Customer Experience

When you Jet OUT, you’re not just purchasing part of a jet. You’re the recipient of an entire VIP experience. Our white-glove concierge service is on hand to handle all your travel needs and special requests. Whatever you desire - flights, car rentals, hotels, catering, and more, this locally based, family-oriented team is at your service!

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1/16 Ownership. 100% Worth It.

Your Jet OUT co-ownership share is true ownership of a hard asset. If your share will be used for qualified business purposes, then you may be able to claim bonus depreciation and other tax benefits on the purchase price. We recommend that you consult with a tax professional that specializes in aircraft to obtain advice with respect to your particular circumstances. Your Jet OUT representative can provide you with a referral to a qualified tax professional.

At the end of your co-ownership term, Jet OUT will refurbish your aircraft and market it for resale as your broker. The aircraft will be sold to a third party in an arms length transaction, the net sales proceeds will be distributed to you at closing and the coownership term will then end automatically. At Jet OUT, historically our co-owners receive an average of 77% of their money back on their aircraft share after a 5-year term compared to just 50% for other programs!

Jet OUT Sales
Jet OUT Sales


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