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Jet OUT’s Half-Day Program: A First For Private Jet Travel


Jet OUT is expanding access to corporate aviation for a larger segment of the traveling public and lowering costs for aircraft co-ownership. How?  



By offering an innovative co-ownership program that brings about greater efficiencies and cost savings than traditional fractional ownership, the five-year old company has found a growing niche and is benefitting from structural changes which are disrupting the charter market.

A unique characteristic of Jet OUT’s co-ownership model is the ability for owners to schedule aircraft on an extremely flexible basis. 

Our owners always get to pick when they depart and return. 

And, unlike other charter and fractional ownership operations, Jet OUT co-owners can also take advantage of a unique half-day travel program.

With this option, our owners can stretch private aircraft utilization even further while significantly lowering costs. 

With Jet OUT’s Half-Day Program, our co-owners have the ability to conserve days by returning the aircraft to base sooner and dividing one of their 18 travel days in half. 

Jet OUT’s Half-Day Program then allows for the scheduling of the airplane for multiple flights within the 14-hour duty time for a pilot.

By conserving travel days with the half day program, ultimately, all co-owners in the program benefit. 

It makes the aircraft easier to schedule for both JetOut and our co-owners. And it allows Jet OUT to operate the aircraft more efficiently and more frequently.

Jet OUT is able to control its costs unlike any other private aircraft operation. Because we are vertically integrated, we are able to pass along these savings to our co-owners. 

The Jet OUT Half-Day Program is yet another example of how we are opening up private aviation in ways that are unique and passing on significant savings to our co-owners. 




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